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If you own/control $10 Billion dollars… why would you realistically want to send $10 Billion to somebody else and only get $6 Billion (60%) of it back???

…unless the $10 Billion dollars has significant issues..right? LOL x 10

Aren’t those two EXTREMELY very fair questions to ask yourself and others since peoples’ future freedom does have risk if people choose to be dumb/typical/hyperactive rather than knowledgeable/rare/awake? Right?

If you have perfectly clean and/or clear funds… why do you need anybody else to spend it???

ARE S2S TRANSACTIONS MONEY LAUNDERING?’s website strongly suggests that ALL various S2S transactions are an act of “sophisticated money laundering”. Whistle blower’s also states that any intermediary(s) listing their names on one of the typically clueless fee agreements circulating the Internet are automatically admitting to their participation in the act of money laundering… which actually might be true since both intermediaries as well as those labelling themselves a “principals” typically don’t clearly think about the real processes, liabilities, and/or the compliance of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations that are actually involved within these type of transactions.

Notice that most of the fake contracts that float around the Internet say that the transactions are for “the purpose of project funding” but never have any real/credible projects intelligently and professionally integrated within the paperwork the brokers and narcissistic/hopeless principals mindlessly pass around… right?

And all that that EXACT drama/liability is the EXACT reason why Aajp Global Services™ will INTENSELY FOCUS on the authenticity, history, documentation, as well as short and long-term goals of ALL parties involved within these transactions in order to not waste time nor cause legal liability exposures towards itself in any illegal activity liabilities.


It stands to reason that anything legitimate in these transactions, depending on its legal jurisdiction, will be completely tracked/traced/documented/etc by Interpol, FBI, Homeland Security, ICE, etc as well as will also have to be blessed by the central banks so it’s absolutely critical that all parties conduct themselves in an advanced highly-wise manner.


The key to preventing the banks, central banks, regulators, and/or other authorities from denying a transaction and/or classifying a transaction as money laundering is having proper legal representation and external auditing involved with the transfer transactions as well as the associated project funding.

The role of the attorneys/advocates/barristers/solicitors/legal representatives are to verify and attest to the authenticity of the client, that asset, the custody of the asset, as well as the client’s banking relationships.

Don’t expect the World’s top banks, accounting, and law firms to engage with parties with less than credible accounting and law firms. All parties accounting and law firms will be expected to have credible websites and professional domain email accounts like real/competent accounting and legal professionals that are capable of interacting with multi-million/billion dollar transactions.

If you think these caliber of transactions don’t need highly-competent attorneys involved… stop reading this page now… and focus on a new career with McDonalds so that you stay out of jail.


One of the main problems with many of the sending accounts is that the sender does not have proper projects to package with the transactions for the banks and central banks to approve moving the off-ledger funds into the public domain.

Notice that all the contracts that float around the Internet say the transaction is for “the purpose of project funding” yet no actual projects are referenced within the contract. That fact makes it common sense that websites like call all these transactions money laundering.

That said… it stands to reason that credible projects need to be fully integrated/packaged with these transactions. Senders that say no project details need to be included will be categorized as either having a goal of money laundering and/or clueless.

 Credible senders that have no credible projects need to understand that the transaction will be fully-integrated with credible projects and that the sender will only get his money via that profits from profitable projects.


A number of parties have approached asking Aajp Global Services™ to assist with helping them establish receiving accounts to participate within these transactions. Having a depository bank account is the easy part of these transactions. The critical/real part of these transactions is actually establishing the proper (high) levels of banking relationships that have real access to the screens that enable these transactions to be synchronized with the properly managed/audited projects that allow the banks and central banks to approve these type of transactions.


It is Aajp Global Services™ understanding that the approval of these interbank transactions require competent projects to be synchronized within the transactions. A sender or receiver just saying that they have projects is not good enough to allow the banks and central banks to approve these type of transactions.


Intermediaries might think they have no accountability within these transaction but that is absolutely false. If intermediaries expect to get paid within these transactions and don’t want to go to jail (and never have a bank account again)… intermediaries need to be fully accountable for their own authenticity and legal status also. Real legal compliance officers and accounting firms are going to make sure that the intermediaries also don’t have any background that might contaminate/incriminate the legitimacy of these kind of transactions. 


Credibility is the key issue with these transactions.


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