Project Funding

Project Funding and Joint Venture

Project Funding-Funds / Grants for internationalisation

We offers companies financial support for assessing and preparing international investments and establishments of business operations on foreign markets outside the EU/Efta area. AAJP Global also supports projects aiming at investments in commercial scale demonstration and pilot projects for green technologies or solutions.

The support provided can cover up to 40% of the costs for feasibility studies for internationalisation to a maximum amount of USD/EUR 500,000 and is offered in the form of Minimum conditional loan that can be converted into a grant upon satisfactorily meet project completion. Support provided by AAJP Global is considered as de minim-is aid in accordance with International Financial regulations.
Support for feasibility studies aiming at demonstration and pilot projects on international markets.
AAJP Global offers financial support to help companies plan, develop and implement commercial demonstration and pilot projects for innovative environmental and climate solution on international markets outside EU/Efta. In order to qualify, the project must concern a technology, product, service or business model with a demonstration value and up-scaling potential in the target country, but which already has been commercially proven in another country. In addition, a local partner/customer for the project must already have been identified.

Relevant projects include solutions in areas such as energy efficiency, cleantech, infrastructure, industry, water treatment, waste management and renewable energy. 

AAJP Global grant/fund is to be used specifically for feasibility studies, project planning and development and other preparatory activities, in order to reach a final agreement for the implementation of the demonstration/pilot project. The support can not be used for direct investments in equipment, products, raw material, inventories, installations or operating costs.

Joint Venture

AAJP Global deals are a popular way to spread risk and rewards. Both parties to the Joint Venture share in the investment, the profits, risks and losses. A Joint Venture can be set up in an infinite variety of shares, and can contain more than two Investment entities. Looking for a compatible partner could be as easy as reaching out to friendly competitors, using your network of contacts, or finding a Joint Venture specialist to help you market your idea, and find you a partner.

Global Financial Services has many Joint Venture Opportunities in a Variety of Industries. We add to our database in multiple sectors such as:

Your Projects or Joint Venture can be for just one isolated project, or involve your entire business col-lateralization.

We often find opportunities that emerge where no previous Joint Venture was even anticipated. For instance, a company may be seeking an Investor, but determines it is faster, economical, and a shared risk to partner up with that investor.

Who can apply?

Applicants’ companies and their projects should meet the criteria below to be eligible for support.

Criteria for applicant companies

Criteria for projects eligible for funding

Additional criteria for feasibility studies aiming at commercial demonstration or pilot projects

Criteria for environmental interest

AAJP Global objective is to support the implementation of green solutions and technologies on international markets.

Accordingly, support is provided for internationalisation projects that, if realised, contribute to positive environmental or climate impact within the fields of environment and climate, including in the following areas:

Supported projects may concern the establishment of international sales, production, assembly, development, service and maintenance or other functions that facilitate the implementation of green technologies and solutions.

Support is also provided for feasibility studies aiming at investments and implementation of commercial scale pilots or demonstration of green innovations and environmental and climate solutions. The environmental effects of the project may be direct, through the direct implementation of efficient manufacturing, modern industrial processes, environmental and waste technology, renewable energy plans or sustainable solutions for housing, infrastructure and transport.

In many cases the environmental interest is indirect, however, through sales and delivery of clean technology and sustainable products, automation and process equipment, ICT solutions and digitalisation, maintenance and services, where positive environmental effects are achieved through increased energy efficiency, resource savings and greater environmental awareness in the user chain