Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains our policies concerning information which is obtained about your company and its business while registering on and using Aajp Global Services™web sites and products (“Our Sites”). We will explain generally what information is gathered and how it is used. We will continue to refine this Privacy Policy and we may make changes in the future. You should review this Privacy Policy from time to time to learn of any changes. As discussed below, this policy does not cover the business practices of third party sites which you may be able to access through Our Sites. Aajp Global Services™assumes no responsibility for actions or inactions of those third parties.

1. What information is collected?
In becoming and continuing as a Aajp Global Services™customer, you provide us with various types of information, including the following:
When you request registration to Our Sites, you will receive a login name and a password. At that time, you will provide us with certain required information, such as your name, the name of your company, the names of your employees who will be using Aajp Global Services™ products and services, e-mail addresses, credit card information and/or other credit information, and other information which we need in order to provide you with Aajp Global Services™ products and services. You may also provide certain optional information which will further allow us to customize our products and services to your special needs.
In the course of using Our Sites, Aajp Global Services™automatically tracks certain information about you. This information includes what type of browser you are using. This information may also include the URL that you just came from and the next URL you go to, as well as your IP address and domain name.
If you choose to subscribe to products or services on Our Sites, Aajp Global Services™collects information about your use of our products and services. Aajp Global Services™also may monitor any or all aspects of your use of Our Sites. Aajp Global Services™ may also collect information concerning third parties with whom you conduct business and with whom you may interact on Our Sites. For example, we may obtain information concerning sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers and owners with whom you conduct business. If you send Aajp Global Services™personal correspondence, such as e-mails or letters, we may keep a record of that correspondence. We also periodically ask users for feedback that we use to improve our service and products and add new features. If you respond to these requests, we may keep a record of your response.
To enhance your customer experience on Our Sites, we may use a feature on your browser called a “cookie”. Cookies are small files that your browser places on your computer’s local memory or hard drive. We may use cookies for remembering user names, preferences, tracking click streams, and for load balancing. This practice allows us to deliver faster, more consistent, updated results, and to give you a more personalized experience on Our Sites.

2. How is your information used?
Aajp Global Services™ will not sell or lease to others your individually sensitive and identifiable information, without your consent. The information we obtain from you or about you is used in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, the following:
We use your individually identifiable information to provide you with up-to-date information about Aajp Global Services™ products and services, functionality changes to Our Sites, and special offers we think you will find valuable.
Aajp Global Services™ may include third party advertisements on Our Sites. Some information which is not individually identifiable, such as user demographics, interests, and your activities and behaviour on Our Site may be given to existing and potential third party advertisers in aggregate form. This aggregate information may be used by Aajp Global Services™to tailor advertisements, both as to the content and the location within Our Sites. In addition, we may sell this aggregate information to third parties interested in such information within your industry. For example, we may disclose that 85% of the facility managers registered on Our Sites have started to integrate CAD into their operations, and similar types of aggregate information.

Aajp Global Services™ may use the information concerning the third parties with whom you conduct business to market Aajp Global Services™products to those third parties.
While using Our Sites, when you list sub-contractors, suppliers, vendors and other parties with whom you conduct business, those names will be added to Aajp Global Services™global company directory and potentially other directories which may be accessed by any active Aajp Global Services™customer. Aajp Global Services™and may identify your company as a Aajp Global Services™ customer in public relations statements, marketing, advertising and communications to third parties and on Our Sites.
Aajp Global Services™may share, on a confidential basis, any or all information gathered from you with potential acquisition partners, strategic partners, equity investors, lenders, channel partners, resellers and/or other companies with whom Aajp Global Services™may integrate its business operations.

We may use information obtained from you, including but not limited to your comments or feedback, to modify our existing products or services and to create new product functionality or services. Any resulting product modification, new product functionality, service modifications or new services will be our sole intellectual property. Aajp Global Services™may disclose certain information when it believes it is legally obligated to do so or to enforce legal rights.

3. Published, Disseminated and Project Information
While using Our Sites, you have the ability to publish, upload or disseminate information to third parties working with you on a project. The data, drawings and other information which you publish, upload or disseminate will be stored in the Aajp Global Services™system and will be accessible to third parties who have access rights to that information even if you terminate your involvement on the project or cease being a Aajp Global Services™user. In addition, if you have been invited to join a project by another Aajp Global Services™user, any data, drawings and other information which you input into the Aajp Global Services™system may be viewed and accessed by any other Aajp Global Services™user if the Administrator on the project provides that user with access rights to the information. That information will be available to Aajp Global Services™users with access rights, whether or not you actively publish or disseminate the information and even if you terminate your involvement on the project or cease being an Aajp Global Services™user.

4. Third parties accessible through Our Site?
You may be able to access or connect with third parties on Our Sites. We are not responsible for your relationship with any third party accessed through Our Sites, nor how that third party collects or uses your information.

5. Any questions?
If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or any other issue, please contact Aajp Global Services™ at