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Aajp Global Services™ is founded by A GROUP of professionals involve in various trade activities worldwide to create true harmony in

Today Aajp Global Services™ has evolved into a diverse company that focuses on co-engineering win-win across spectrum of industries that not only includes various sectors of real estate but also commodities, financial products, and technology.

Aajp Global Services™ has a number of specialities including Corporate Legal Advisory and Consulting, Offshore Company Formation Worldwide, Offshore Banking Platforms worldwide, Luxury Yacht registration and Management worldwide, Offshore Marine Vessel Administration and Management, Energy/Oil/Gas Contracts and procurement,  procurement of SBLCs, Bank Guarantees and the Monetization of SBLCs and Bank Guarantees, Bank Instruments monetization and trading at the lowest rates and highest returns. We also offer a host of business products like: Business and Start Up Credit Lines and Start Up Funding, Private Fund and Investment Consulting and Joint Venture Funding. We are passionate about offshore financial services and asset protection from lawsuits. Our company has contributed to legislation in certain offshore jurisdictions.

Why choose AAJP Global Services™?

Establishes Offshore Corporations, LLCs, Trusts, and Bank Accounts

The strongest privacy laws and offshore banking jurisdictions allow for financial privacy as well as asset protection from divorce, creditors, judgments and lawsuits.

Offshore Company Registration

To establish an offshore company and/or relocate your corporate structure to an overseas jurisdiction can be an essential step in protecting your assets from lawsuits, In addition, you may be able to take advantage of international tax breaks and grow your investments overseas. This website is based on years of research and is intended as a tutorial that can guide you step-by-step in forming and using an “offshore company.” You will find literally dozens of advantages to setting up an international organization and running your business using an offshore bank account instead of, or in association with a local account. Isle of Man, Mauritius, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Panama, BVI, Cayman Island and Hong Kong, BVI and Hong Kong, for example, are all very popular jurisdictions. Thus, we can guide you in setting up the corporation or LLC of your choice. Then, we can help you establish a bank account for your business and set up a virtual office offshore.

Offshore Tax Benefits

To clarify, doing business offshore is not about evading taxes or keeping money from the government. Rather, it is about structuring your affairs in such a way as to take advantage of local and international laws. These laws that are available to anyone who cares to use them to their benefit. Therefore, we can show you perfectly legal and legitimate ways to set up your business internationally so that you understand the far-reaching benefits from asset protection to cost-savings.


People in the US, UK, Australia and some other countries are, by and large, taxed on worldwide income. On the other hand, you likely know that Apple, Google and others have slashed their tax bills using completely legal techniques through the use of overseas structures. In addition, the offshore captive insurance company is another way our clients have legally slashed their tax bills under IRC 953(d) and 831(b). Accordingly, there are ways that you may be able to do this too, with our help plus the guidance of the proper licensed professionals.

We cannot emphasize the last point enough. Offshore tax benefits are a very sensitive areas of the law. So, before you use international strategies for taxation purposes, be sure that you don’t just talk with any CPA. Talk with an accountant and/or tax attorney who specializes helping citizens and residents with foreign income. You are a lot more likely to pass an audit with flying colours. Plus, you’ll sleep better at night, too.

Online Company Formation

One extraordinarily successful strategy is to use on offshore company to operate your online business. It is also a technique used by Apple and Google. If your business is based online and you incorporate your international company properly, therefore, it may have some very attractive tax benefits. This may defer tax payments, similar to an IRA, for instance. It is abundantly important to have the tax advice of a knowledgeable CPA who can guide you in the use of this strategy. Use of these tools to save money on taxes may also depend on your country of residence and citizenship and your 

percentage of ownership of the company, among other actors. So, it should only be used under the guidance of experienced tax counsel.

An online business can have a global customer base. For example, do you want to multiply your customer base by 22 times? The population outside of the US is about 22 times greater than inside. The world population outside of the UK is 109 times greater than inside, 200 greater outside of Canada and 304 times outside of Australia. You get the idea. Why should you limit yourself to the old fashion geographically constricted business model? Consequently, establishing an offshore company and offshore bank account to run your online business can be a great way to build momentum outside of the country in which you reside.

Offshore Banking

Within minutes of filing a lawsuit, an attorney can file another document freezing your bank account, your home, your business, and other assets. However, operating a business offshore puts up a huge barrier to a viscous litigant’s ability to freeze and seize your hard earned resources.

Offshore payment gateway

Offshore payment gateway with associated merchant account number is a financial instrument used to accept online payments made by credit or debit cards outside the tax residence of the business.

“Cash is a king” used to be one of the main lessons we were taught in Economics. However, with the growth of e-commerce, currently, in many countries, card payments are surpassing cash, the most traditional payment method, and payment gateway is becoming the most popular tool to accept credit card payments. Who benefits from this shift from one payment method to another? Since the main characteristic of accepting card payments through payment gateway is transparency, the governments of high tax countries finally have an opportunity to control all the transactions made by a merchant. As a result, the risk of tax evasion and money laundering is reducing making it more difficult to cheat in annual declaration. Due to this positive practice, some countries, like Denmark, are even opting for eradication of cash, limiting their citizens to using only credit and debit cards payment systems.

Payment gateway for offshore company

Having a traditional local or low risk business gives its owner all opportunities to obtain a payment gateway and associated to it merchant account in any bank of its country of registration. But what happens when an offshore company tires to contract this service? Since the reputation of many offshore jurisdictions is not very positive the companies registered on its territories have it very difficult contracting additional services such as bank account or payment gateway. The main reasons why financial entities don’t always approve merchant accounts for offshore companies are: recent date of constitution, restriction by countries of operation, nature of business that doesn’t fit into the portfolio of the bank, doubtful background of the beneficial owner or very high average ticket of sales. However, the main reason for decline of payment gateway application is a high risk of chargebacks that can generate a large debt for a bank. Therefore, the best solution for this kind of business is to turn to companies, such as OBS E-Commerce Consulting that offers card-processing services through associated IPSPs.