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AAJP GLOBAL SERVICES company provides the following range of services:

Currently, we offer the opportunity to register a company in more than 20 jurisdictions around the world. Every client will be able to find for himself the most suitable company in the most convenient for conducting business points of the world!

Registration of offshore companies All prices for services are specified immediately before ordering.

To run a successful business, limited to a company registered in your country, is not always profitable. Under current conditions, the right decision would be to expand the sphere of influence, optimize costs, safeguard capital and confidentiality.

All this is possible to obtain by registering a company in an offshore jurisdiction. These are countries with loyal laws and simplified taxation (or its complete absence).

What benefits will you get by registering a company in an offshore?

The possibility of registering a company in the selected jurisdiction for the final beneficiary is pre-agreed upon when submitting personal documents to the beneficiary:

The possibility of opening an account is only after prior approval of the legal entity and the company’s activities with the bank or the payment system, with the provision of all documents for the company and a detailed business plan. Please note that our party is not responsible for the client’s inability / reluctance to provide documents or any information requested by the bank or the payment system, refusal or delayed deposit, as well as for unsuccessful / failed verification when a bank representative speaks with the client (beneficiary) on Skype conference or through a special application.

Here is a list of jurisdictions where we offer our services to our valuable clients:

In case you should need further more informations,please do not hesitate to contact on